Welcome to the School Improvement Institute (SI2) Survey

Your school is participating in a school improvement process called Vision-to-Action sponsored by the American Student Achievement Institute. This vision-based and data-driven process involves all local teachers, all students, parents, business representatives, and community members in key discussions about the school and community. Through these discussions, participants develop a local School Improvement Plan designed to raise student achievement for all students and close achievement gaps. Learn more about the survey below.

How do I begin?

To take the SI2 Survey, enter the password provided by your school.

What is the SI2 Survey?

The purpose of this survey is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the school and community that might be impacting student achievement. Each survey contains forty questions related to

  1. expectations for student achievement,
  2. the content that is being taught in the school,
  3. instructional practices,
  4. assessment methods,
  5. extra help initiatives,
  6. student guidance, and
  7. the learning environment.

Participation and Confidentiality:

Participation in this survey, including student participation, is voluntary. No information will directly identify you and all of the information you submit will treated confidentially. This survey is being conducted through the web and, as with all information transmitted online, there is the possibility that your answer could be intercepted by a third party. Only aggregate statistics will be reported to the school without identifying individual responses.