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Welcome to the Porter County College Success Coalition!

Member Organization Intro

The Porter County College Success Coalitions is a network of local organizations interested in increasing college access and success for young people in Porter County, Indiana.

Member organizations include local government, businesses, agencies, schools, local media, libraries, youth service organizations, service clubs, community foundations, faith-based organizations and others.

Member organizations implement small and/or large activities designed to increase the likelihood that the county's young people will take the steps required for college access and success. Activities focus on one ore more of the following:

  1. Expectation for college attendance and success,
  2. Information dissemination about college, careers and financial aid,
  3. College access mentoring,
  4. Financial support for college access activities (e.g. campus visits, AP test fees),
  5. Student scholarships,
  6. Academic support for students,
  7. Professional development for teachers, and
  8. Advocacy for policies and procedures that open doors for college access and success.

The Porter County College Success Coalition is a member of the Indiana College Success Coalition initiative. The American Student Achievement Institute provides technical assistance for the Indiana College Success Coalition initiative.