Daviess County College Success Coalition


Aug 21, 2019

Ideal Student Achievement

In our ideal county . . .


Ideal Student Choices

All of the students in our ideal county make choices that open the door to college and prepare them for college success including the choices listed below:

Course Enrollment

Career Exploration

College Admissions

Academic Exploration

Postsecondary Planning

College Mentoring

Financial Aid

Student Engagement


Ideal Community Activities

Community organizations in our ideal county implement activities to help students make choices that open the door for college access and success.  These activities include:

  • Provide meal for parent & display student projects, grades 9-12. WHS (Groups: Parents, Schools)
  • Transition meetings with parents grades 5-6 (BR), 6-7 (ND), 8-9 (WHS). (Groups: Parents, Schools)
  • NDHS does Boot Camp for parents as orientation to junior high school, for parents of incoming 7th graders. (Groups: Parents, Schools)
  • Parent-Teacher conferences at BR (k-12) & WHS (k-12). (Groups: Parents, Schools)
  • Job shadowing & internship. (Groups: Schools, Business)
  • Tutoring programs. (Groups: Youth Service Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Schools, Business, Public Library, Postsecondary)
  • Power House-after school program for grades 7-12. (Groups: Youth Service Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Schools)
  • Local churches take students to visit Christian college campuses. (Group: Faith-based Organizations)
  • Essay contests on how to achieve their dreams. (Group: Public Library)
  • Media spotlights academic achievements. (Groups: Schools, Business)
  • Media reports honor roll information. (Groups: Schools, Business)
  • CEO program. (Groups: Schools, Business)
  • Junior Achievement program. (Groups: Youth Service Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Schools, Business)
  • Youth Council. (Groups: Schools, Community Foundation)
  • Scholarships. (Group: Community Foundation)
  • Offer information about how to obtain financial aid. (Groups: Business, Crane)
  • Open themselves to all county residents. (Group: Public Library)

    Core Convictions

    Our community is committed to implementing the activities listed above because we believe every student deserves...

  • the opportunity & expectation to pursue post-secondary education.