Randolph County College Success Coalition


Aug 21, 2019

Ideal Student Achievement

In our ideal county . . .


Ideal Student Choices

All of the students in our ideal county make choices that open the door to college and prepare them for college success including the choices listed below:

Course Enrollment

Career Exploration

College Admissions

Academic Exploration

Postsecondary Planning

College Mentoring

Financial Aid

Student Engagement


Ideal Community Activities

Community organizations in our ideal county implement activities to help students make choices that open the door for college access and success.  These activities include:

  • College Fair: To expose students in grades 11 and 12 to multiple post secondary options without having to travel. Also, open to public. (Groups: Schools, Community as a whole)
  • Career Fair: Expose students to career opportunities within Randolph County. Also, will be open to the community. (Groups: Schools, Community as a whole)
  • Parent Education: Invite a speaker to discuss how to prepare and pay for college. (Group: Parents)
  • Community Organization training to help train youth workers to know how to work with the youth they reach to prepare help prepare their youth for college. (Groups: Youth Service Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Media, Community Foundation)
  • Promote the Coalition to area businesses, build a partnership between business leaders and coalition to know what skills employers are looking for in future workforce. Work in partnership with the Work Keys assessment. (Groups: Business, Work One)

    Core Convictions

    Our community is committed to implementing the activities listed above because we believe every student deserves...

  • the opportunity to obtain a fulfilling, engaging, challenging and meaningful career to ensure financial stability and be a productive and healthy member of their communities.