Brown County College Success Coalition


Aug 21, 2019

Ideal Student Achievement

In our ideal county . . .


Ideal Student Choices

All of the students in our ideal county make choices that open the door to college and prepare them for college success including the choices listed below:

Course Enrollment

Career Exploration

College Admissions

Academic Exploration

Postsecondary Planning

College Mentoring

Financial Aid

Student Engagement


Ideal Community Activities

Community organizations in our ideal county implement activities to help students make choices that open the door for college access and success.  These activities include:

  • Community student national and international student exchange program (Groups: Parents, Schools)
  • College Scholarship Program (Groups: Parents, Youth Service Organizations, Schools, Community Foundation)
  • Job Shadowing & Internships with area businesses
  • 529 Plan Info to Employees
  • College & Campus Tours and College Visit Preparation
  • Post-Secondary Training
  • Encourage College Consideration
  • Discussions with community members on their post-secondary experience
  • County Scholarship Fair
  • College Access Resources
  • PSAT Return Night
  • Meaningful International Travel Experience focused on Education
  • In-Depth Information About Post-Secondary Pathway Options From 7th Grade-12th Grade

    Core Convictions

    Our community is committed to implementing the activities listed above because we believe every student deserves...

  • Equal opportunities for access to college
  • Support for students to pursue their dreams
  • Support to achieve student potential
  • Adequate resources and support mechanisms
  • Full community support
  • Effective peer and adult mentoring
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Understanding of life after high school (financial, academic, employment, social, etc.)
  • Quality Education
  • Inclusion of and respect for student voices in educational processes that affect them
  • Empowerment to choose their own future