2018 School Improvement Institute Enrollment Application

The deadline for enrollment in the 2018 cohort is October 1, 2018

Enroll in the 2018 School Improvement Institute

NOTE: Schools will be invoiced in October, 2018


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In October, 2018, the American Student Achievement Institute will send an invoice to bill for SI2 services.

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ASAI will provide the following:

  • Leadership Team Development / Learning Community
    • Seven (7) Interactive / Instructional Webinars
    • One Instructional Video
    • Task delegation and monthly task assignments

  • Online School Improvement Management System
    • School Improvement Process (Vision-to-Action)
    • School Improvement Timeline
    • School Improvement Steering Team Manual
    • School Improvement Plan Report Template
    • School Improvement Plan Submission Tools
    • School Improvement Plan Reports (suitable for ASAI and Indiana PL221)
  • Online Leadership Team Manual
    • Organizational Structure
    • School Improvement Council / Full Faculty / Student Body Agendas
    • Meeting Facilitator Guides and Tools

  • Online System Customization
    • Customization for grades found within the school
    • Customization to include Indiana PL221 requirements

  • On-call School Improvement Management System Support
    • Monday – Friday
$950 yes




  • Active Leadership Team monitoring throughout the Vision-to-Action process
  • Friendly reminders if the team falls behind in the process
  • Written feedback within 48 hours of each SIP component submission

COMPLIANCE REVIEWS (as requested by the school)

  • INDIANA PL221 – Actual Review on Behalf of IDOE
    • Schools that meet PL221 requirements verified to IDOE
    • DOE does not do a second review for ASAI-verified schools
    • Unlimited opportunities to revise
  • TITLE I – Friendly Review
    • Schoolwide – Criteria for School Improvement
    • Targeted Assistance School – Criteria for School Improvement
    • Focus Targeted - Criteria for School Improvement
    • D/F Accountability - Criteria for School Improvement
    • Targeted Focus Designation - Criteria for School Improvement


Discount - only for schools that:

  1. Did not opt out of Additional Leadership Support (above)
  2. Participated in SI2 in 2017-2018
- $350
  Referral Discount
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This SI2 Enrollment Form serves as a Memorandum of Understanding between the American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) and the school enrolling in SI2.

ASAI Assurances

ASAI agrees to provide the deliverables listed above, and the school assures ASAI that it will complete the tasks listed below and has understandings as defined below.

School Assurances

The school agrees to:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These tasks will be delegated among Steering Team members at the first Steering Team training and will be completed by designated team members over a over a nine month period following the SI2 timeline.

  1. Create or update a School Improvement Steering Team consisting of the principal, school counselor, two teachers (one of whom must be a math teacher in middle and high schools), economic development representative, and a parent. Teacher appointments to the Steering Team should be made in accordance with IC 20-7.5-1. Also:

    • The business/industry rep and parent may not be employed by the school system.

    • The economic development rep should represent the 1) local economic development council, 2) local Chamber of Commerce, or 3) a local business (with knowledge of the business’ human resources needs)

  2. Send at least one representative from the Steering Team to up to nine SI2 Steering Team Webinars.

  3. Convene or update a local School Improvement Council consisting of ALL educators, ALL interested parents, and representatives from targeted stakeholder groups including, but not limited to, a) local business, b) community foundation, and c) local government, and d) educators at the next level. Additional members may include representatives from the public library, youth serving organizations, faith-based organizations, and local service clubs.

  4. Facilitate five face-to-face or online conversations with the Council using video prompts provided by SI2.

  5. Enter achievement data into the SI2 Online System.

  6. UPDATE 3 SCHOOLS ONLY: Survey at least 95% of the student body, 95% of the teachers, at least 30 parents, and at least 30 community members using the online Root Cause Survey provide by SI2.

  7. Complete or update the following Root Cause Self-Studies (Note: Each study is a list of yes/no questions):

    • SI2 Self Study

    • Indiana Rules and Regulations Self Study (PL221 and other Indiana regulations)

    • Title I Self Study (Title I schools only)

  8. Submit new or updated information to ASAI using the SI2 Online School Improvement Management System:

    • Steering Team Roster

    • School Improvement Council Rosters

    • Vision Statement (Update 3 schools only)

    • Goals

    • Root Causes

    • Interventions

    • Intervention Preparation

    • Discussion Summaries

  9. Respond to feedback provided by the SI2 Strategic Planning Specialist including making revisions to part of their School Improvement Plan to ensure that it meets ASAI’s Standards for School Improvement Planning.

  10. Complete their 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan no later than June 1, 2019.

  11. Implement interventions found in their 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan during the 2019-2020 school year.

The school assures that:

  1. The person submitting the SI2 Enrollment form has the necessary legal authority to enroll the school in SI2.

  2. The school will allow the American Student Achievement Institute to use the school’s achievement, root cause, and intervention data collected during the SI2 process for the purpose of evaluating the success of the School Improvement Institute. This includes aggregate data for all students and student groups identified by the U.S. Department of Education.

  3. The school understands that ASAI will not request personally identifiable information from an education record of a student.

  4. The school understands that ASAI follows all rules and regulations related to student privacy set forth in the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  5. The school understands that ASAI does not share data and other information submitted by the school using the SI2 Online System with individuals other than the ASAI staff, the school’s SI2 Steering Team, and the school’s School Improvement Council without written permission from the district superintendent.

  6. The school understands that all data will be destroyed when no longer needed to evaluate the success of the School Improvement Institute

  7. The school agrees to submit payment for the selected deliverables prior to December 1, 2018.

  8. The school understands that the school is obligated to pay for all selected deliverables even if the school opts to withdraw from SI2 or become inactive in SI2.
Does your school agree to these assurances?

Do you have authority from this school's principal or central office to agree to the assurances listed above and submit an SI2 School Improvement Grant application?