District Coordination Webinar Series Enrollment

DEADLINE: May 19, 2017

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Enrollment fee: $2,000
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ASAI will send an invoice to the billing contact on January 1, 2018. Payment is due within 60 days.

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This enrollment form serves as a Memorandum of Understanding between the American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) and the enrolling district.

ASAI Deliverables

ASAI agrees to provide the following for the district between October 1, 2017 and June 15, 2018.

  1. A minimum of eight webinars and district-level discussion prompts
  2. An district-level “admin” system where district personnel will be able to:
    1. Monitor school progress in the RSC program design process
    2. View components of each school’s program
      • Goals
      • Priority Goals (baseline & follow-up data)
      • Root Causes
      • Activities
    3. RSC Survey Customization
      • Add up to 20 district-specific items
    4. Student Data
      • School-level and district-level student responses
      • Disaggregated by grade level and federal student groups
    5. Program Data
      • District-level school counseling program data entered by the schools
    6. Evaluation Data
      • % of schools implementing each targeted priority goal
      • District-level baseline and follow-up data for each targeted priority goal
    7. Communications (mass emails)
      • RSC contact person in each school
      • RSC Steering Team members
      • RSC School Counseling Council members
    8. Student List Generator
      • Obtain names and email addresses for students who give a specific answer to a specific question on the RSC Survey (FERPA compliant)
    9. 9. Grant Writing Tools
      • Budget Generator
      • Gantt Chart Generator
  3. Friendly update when a school falls behind in the RSC process
  4. On-call support

IMPORTANT NOTE: Districts seeking 1) additional deliverables or 2) customization are encouraged to open a discussion with ASAI about the delivery and pricing of the desired deliverables or customization.

District Agreement

Enrolling districts agree to:

  1. Participate in each webinar provided by ASAI
  2. Use the RSC District Admin System to communicate with the building-level RSC contact person prior to each step of the RSC process as necessary to ensure that district goals and initiatives are integrated into the building-level school counseling program.
  3. Look for district-wide themes in the goals data and root cause data
  4. Consider coordinating the school counseling program district-wide including 1) vertical alignment from kindergarten to grade 12; 2) horizontal alignment creating cross-disciplinary linkages between standards, assessment, and 3) coordination between all schools at the same level.
  5. Consider providing district support when district-wide themes are discovered
  6. Submit payment of $2,000 to ASAI within 60 days of receiving invoice