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DEADLINE: January 30, 2018

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Would you like to be part of the Small District Coalition (7,000 students or less, negotiable) that will submit a joint application for Lilly Round II funding?
Participating Schools


I have read the memorandum of understanding below.
I understand that the per school enrollment fee for Guiding All Kids is $36,000 which covers the four-year enrollment period.
I understand that if our district does not receive a Lilly Endowment School Counseling Implementation Grant for any reason, our school may withdraw from GAK without an obligation for payment prior to July 15, 2018. After that date, our school will be obligated to pay the full enrollment fee even if we choose not to engage in GAK.
Do you have authority from this district's superintendent to agree to the assurances listed above and enroll in GAK?


This enrollment form serves as a Memorandum of Understanding between the American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) and the enrolling district.

ASAI Deliverables

ASAI agrees to provide the following for the school between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2022 to assist schools as they implement a systemic approach to school counseling including the following delivery methods: 1) Counselor-based delivery, 2) community-based delivery, 3) teacher-advisor program delivery, 4) parent-based delivery, and 5) academic integration.

  1. Provide one webinar, one workshop, and on-call support for districts enrolled in the GAK Small District Coalition at no cost to the district prior to March 15, 2018
  2. Guiding All Kids Framework
    • Systemic school counseling design and coordination process
    • Organizational structure
    • Timeline
  3. Leadership Development Training
    • Workshops (3-7 each year; average number of workshops is 5 per year)
    • Documentation reviews with written feedback within 48 hours (monthly)
    • Active Monitoring (ongoing)
    • Unlimited On-Call Support (on-going)
  4. Online System Development Management System
    • Systemic Implementation Process Steps
    • Steering Team Manual
    • Lilly Implementation Grant - Progress Documentation Tools
  5. Student Guidance Curriculum - for each grade level
    • Targeted Student Choices
    • Targeted Student Knowledge (indicators)
    • Targeted Student Opportunities
    • Student Activities (lesson plans) – 9 per grade level
    • Lesson plan data (from all GAK schools)
  6. “Parents as Advisors” Online Program - for each grade level
    • Parent videos (4-9 per grade level)
    • Parent activities to be completed with their children (4-9 per grade level)
    • Parent activity tools
  7. Non-Counselor Training Tools
    • Active Listening
    • Counseling vs Advising Boundaries
    • Limits of Confidentiality
    • Referral Procedures
  8. Online Activity Databases
    • Counselor Activities
    • Teacher Advisor Activities
    • Community-based Activities
    • Academic Integration Activities
    • Parent Activities
  9. Evaluation Tools
    • Student Survey
      • Future career and postsecondary plans
      • Student choices
      • Guidance needs
      • Counseling needs
      • Perception of the School Counselor
    • Online Counselor Survey
      • Student Opportunities
    • Online Counselor Time-Use Log
      • Individual and department-level data reports
    • Priority Goals Data Analysis
    • Annual Program Design Review and Revision
  10. Communication Tools
    • Student List Generator - obtain names and email addresses for students who answered specified survey questions in specified ways (FERPA compliant)
    • School Counseling Council Email List
    • School Counseling Partners Email List
  11. District Level Data & Webinars
    • District aggregated student data
    • District aggregated program data
    • District Level Webinars – 2x annually

District Agreement

The district assures ASAI that:

  1. The district did not receive Lilly Counseling Initiative Implementation Grant - Round I Funds
  2. The district agrees to:
    1. Identify participating schools
    2. Allocate a significant portion of their Lilly grant budget to support Guiding ALL Kids over the four-year grant period including $36,000 (averaging $9,000 per year) for technical support, and travel funds for a six-member Steering Team to make twenty trips to Indianapolis over the four-year period so they can participate in the GAK Learning Community (monthly in the first year, and then quarterly in the following years).  Optionally, districts may wish to provide stipends for local GAK leaders (estimated $14,000 over four years), funds for printing and materials (estimated $15 per student), and funds to cover the ASCA RAMP Award application fee ($400).  This will be further discussed during the grant application development period.
    3. Make Guiding ALL Kids the foundation of their Lilly grant application
    4. Align all other activities in the Lilly grant with the GAK initiative to establish a coordinated funding proposal.
    5. Strive toward creating a school and community culture that supports high academic achievement for ALL students.
  3. Participating schools in the district agree to
    1. Implement a School Counseling System consisting of five delivery methods: Counselor-Based Delivery System, Community-based Delivery System, Teacher-Advisor Program, Parent-Based Delivery System, and Academic Integration.
    2. Establish a GAK Steering Team consisting of six to nine members including at least one school counselor if the school has a counselor as part of its staff. These people will share the management of the system design process.
    3. Ensure that all Steering Team members attend the Steering Team workshops that will be held in Indianapolis 3-7 times per year.
    4. Convene a broadly-based School Counseling Council (with ASAI's assistance) with members representing each of the following:
      SCHOOL-BASED COMMUNITY-BASED OPTIONAL (strongly recommended)
        • School counselors
        • Teachers
          • Different grade levels
          • Different curricula
        • Administrators
        • Students
          • Different grade levels
          • Different curricula
        • Parents
        • Economic development, chamber of commerce, business and/or industry
        • Service clubs
        • Faith-based organizations
        • Mental health organization
        • Community foundation
        • Local government
        • Public library
        • Sending school
        • Receiving school
        • Higher education

      * The recruitment of the Council members is key to developing a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the needs of all students and enables all students to succeed academically, be responsible citizens, and become productive members of a global economy. Council members can be recruited from within the school district or from neighboring communities. ASAI will provide training and resources to help with Council member recruitment. ASAI also understands that in some communities, it may be impossible to recruit one or more of the required Council members. For those schools, ASAI will provide guidance for the Steering Team, and as a last resort, waive the membership requirement as appropriate.

    5. Recruit School Counseling Partners who will implement guidance or counseling activities. Ensure that all those implementing counseling activities are appropriately licensed in a helping profession.
    6. Give the Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey to all students at least once each year. Note: The CCR Survey is an online survey. Schools report that the easiest way to survey all students is to ask teachers in a specific period to survey their students at some point during the four-week window. As an alternative (not recommended), schools may survey 30 randomly selected students per grade level.
    7. Facilitate two to three two-hour discussions per year with their School Counseling Council including an annual evaluation where Council members review student data, and update, as needed, the school's priority goals, root causes, and activities. Note: Schools participating in RSC for the first time or renewing their Gold Star status will conduct six meetings in the first year.
    8. Enter documentation of the school counseling system into the RSC Online System and submit electronically to ASAI for review against ASAI’s Standards for School Counseling Systems.
    9. Review feedback from the ASAI staff regarding their submitted work, and revise work as requested to ensure that the system being designed holds high promise for helping the school reach its school counseling priority goals.
    10. Payment: Pay ASAI the total GAK School Enrollment Fee of $36,000 in four installments. Schools will be invoiced on November 1, 2018, August 1, 2019, August 1, 2020, and August 1, 2021. 
      NOTE 1: Districts with more than 12 schools applying to Guiding All Kids should 1) ask all schools seeking enrollment to complete this application and 2) contact ASAI about special pricing. 
      NOTE 2: If the district has applied for the Lilly Endowment Counseling Initiative IMPLEMENTATION Grant, and, for any reason, does not receive that grant, 1) the school is not obligated to participate in GAK, and 2) if the school chooses not to participate in GAK for this reason, the school is not obligated to pay the GAK enrollment fee.