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Redesigning School Counseling (RSC) 2019 Cohort

Indiana public school schools are invited to enroll in RSC for Schools.

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I have read the memorandum of understanding below.
I understand that the per school enrollment fee for RSC is $550.
Do you have authority from this school's principal or central office to agree to the assurances listed above and enroll in RSC for Schools?

Your school will be part of the Renewal Cohort because your school has participated in RSC previously.

Your school will be part of the First-Year Cohort because you have not participated in RSC previously.


ASAI will send an invoice to the billing contact on January 1, 2020. Payment is due within 60 days.

Billing Contact:


This enrollment form serves as a Memorandum of Understanding between the American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) and the enrolling school.

ASAI Deliverables

ASAI agrees to provide the following for the school between between October 1, 2019 and July 1, 2020.

  1. School Counseling Program Design Model (proven)
  2. Program Design Timeline
  3. Leadership Development Webinars (8)
  4. Program Design Management System (online) which includes:
    1. Process Guide - to manage the design process
    2. Steering Team Manual - everything needed to support program design
    3. Program Entry Portals - online templates where schools enter goals, etc.
    4. Online Student Survey with disaggregated results
      • Future career and postsecondary plans
      • Student choices
      • Guidance needs
      • Counseling needs
      • Perception of the School Counselor
      • Online Counselor Survey
      • Student opportunities
      • Counselor time-use
    5. Online Counselor Time-Use Log
      • Individual and department-level data reports
  5. Communication Tools
    1. Student List Generator - obtain names and email addresses for students who answered specified survey questions in specified ways (FERPA compliant)
  6. Technical Support
    1. Active monitoring of school progress with friendly “nudges” as needed
    2. Monthly written feedback as each program component is developed
    3. Unlimited on-call support

IMPORTANT NOTE: Schools seeking 1) additional deliverables, or 2) program customization are encouraged to open a discussion with ASAI about the delivery and pricing of the desired deliverables or customization.

School Agreement

Enrolling schools agree to:

  1. Establish an RSC Steering Team consisting of a school counselor and four others. These four people will share the management of the program design process. If the school does not have a school counselor, a teacher or other educator may serve on the team instead.
  2. Ensure that all Steering Team members participate in eight leadership development webinars.
  3. Convene a broadly-based School Counseling Council (with ASAI's assistance) with members representing each of the following:
    • School counselors
    • Teachers
      • Different grade levels
      • Different curricula
    • Administrators
    • Students
      • Different grade levels
      • Different curricula
    • Parents
    • Economic development, chamber of commerce, business and/or industry
    • Service clubs
    • Faith-based organizations
    • Mental health organization
    • Community foundation
    • Local government
    • Public library
    • Sending school
    • Receiving school
    • Higher education

    * The recruitment of the Council members is key to developing a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the needs of all students and enables all students to succeed academically, be responsible citizens, and become productive members of a global economy. Council members can be recruited from within the school district or from neighboring communities. ASAI will provide training and resources to help with Council member recruitment. ASAI also understands that in some communities, it may be impossible to recruit one or more of the required Council members. For those schools, ASAI will provide guidance for the Steering Team, and as a last resort, waive the membership requirement as appropriate.

  4. Survey all students during the month of January. Note: RSC uses an online survey. Schools report that the easiest way to survey all students is to ask teachers in a specific period to survey their students at some point during the four-week window. As an alternative (not recommended), schools may survey 30 randomly selected students per grade level.
  5. Facilitate six discussions with the School Counseling Council.
  6. Enter components of the school counseling program (goals, activities, etc.) into the RSC Online System and submit electronically to ASAI for review against ASAI’s Standards for School Counseling Program Design (and per school request, requirements for the ASCA RAMP award)
  7. Review feedback from the ASAI staff regarding their submitted work and revise work as requested to ensure that all standards and award criteria are met.
  8. Payment: Pay ASAI an RSC School Enrollment Fee of $550 within 60 days of receiving the invoice.